Microsoft Is Hiring Right Now for Work At Home Positions!

Work At Home Leads

Microsoft is a very large and well known company that you will undoubtedly have heard of.

According to Microsoft, their managers “on a case-by-case basis to evaluate flexible work arrangements, including part-time, job-sharing, and telecommuting based on employee and business needs.”

At this moment, Microsoft’s website has over 100 jobs that indicate “This Job is eligible for the following work arrangements: TeleWork.” Keep in mind, some positions are full-telecommute and will allow you to work from home all of the time. Others will be partial-telecommute (work from home some days, in the office on others), and will therefore require that you live in a particular location.

As you might expect, many of the positions are tech-related, but they also list sales and management positions. If you don’t find the perfect job for you, share this post with a “techie” friend or family member who could benefit.

To see the current Telework positions Click Here


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