Bulk Email Finder.

Get sales ready leads within minutes.

Name Title Company Email Email Status
Drew Houston CEO Dropbox drew@dropbox.com Valid
Brian Halligan CEO Hubspot brian@hubspot.com Valid
Marc Benioff CEO Salesforce marc@salesforce.com Valid
Steve Lucas CEO Marketo steve@marketo.com Valid

Find emails in bulk via LinkedIn, or enrich your existing contacts with emails.

Our Bulk Email Finder solution will help you append emails to your existing leads. Just sign up and test it yourself, our base plan is free and always will be.

Import your excel containing the database, and let us do the magic.

Why use WahLeads for bulk email appending?

Verification and appending with 98% accuracy

Your cold email marketing is as efficient as accurate your email address base is. WahLeads ensure that you get completely authenticated email contacts by verifying multiple web sources. With 98% precision, we elevate the outcomes of your campaign significantly.

Bulk verification with no duplicates

You can easily upload the list of your prospects' emails in any size to get it verified. The email verifier tool not only authenticates each email contact in the list but also removes duplicates so deliver a clean and well-managed list for you. The verified list can be directly downloaded in the tool integrated with the scarper.

Mass email generation to enrich your database

You can use our bulk email finder with your existing CRM or any other API. This helps in enriching your business email address base in just a few minutes. All you need to do is to upload the basic information of your prospects and you will get a substantial database.

Email search using domain

WahLeads also allows you to extract verified email addresses through websites or companies. You use our bulk email search and acquire the list of real email addresses from all the online public sources. You can also outreach to several companies by searching emails through domains one after another.

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